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"With Sincere Appreciation"

July 2023 | Bill Loughney, Executive Director YEI

To the wonderful men and women who make the generosity of 100 Men Who Care and 100 Women Who Care a blessing to our community;

In celebrating your energetic and joyful hosting of the May 18th community fundraiser "Bring Back Brad," we at Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI) wish to extend our tremendous gratitude for your outstanding efforts creating this inspirational success. It was such a pleasure to meet all those who love Brad and to experience the respect for his efforts and gifts to the community over the last many decades as he worked tirelessly to ensure YEI was a safe and loving place for our clients and staff.

The success of your fundraiser has set in motion the funding and ongoing support necessary to address the financial demands facing our YEI Director Emeritus, Brad Newman. With the help of the support raised through your fundraiser, Brad is not only progressing in his rehabilitation in Phoenix, but will very soon be moving back to his adopted hometown of Prescott!

We can all now join in celebrating Brad's return to our Prescott community thanks to your love, support and hard work that has made Brad's return to our community possible.

With sincere appreciation,

Yavapai Exceptional Industries Board of Directors, Staff and Clients

  • Bill Loughney, Executive Director YEI

  • Ball Foyeux

  • Laurie Boaz, Board President

  • Cynthia White, Vice President

  • Steve McIntyre, Secretary

  • Chip Shay, Treasurer

  • Rudy Arena, Director

  • Al Kaplan, Director

  • Jon Linford, Director

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