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August 17, 2023

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Thank you all for stepping up to make a difference in the lives of young students! At our event on August 17th, the 180 attendees with their $100 raised $18,000. The three education foundations decided to split those “main” givings evenly ($6k each)

Then an additional $6,300 of “plus” givings were raised, which went to the foundation that received the highest amount of votes, Chino Valley Education Foundation ($12,300).

Nonprofit Presenters

The Chino Valley Education Foundation

The Chino Valley Education Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) that was created to serve the Chino Valley Unified School District’s community by supporting students, teachers & families. We run programs including the Hungry Kids Project, Homeless Assistance, Food Neighbors and much more. LEARN MORE

Humboldt Education Foundation

The Humboldt Education Foundation (HEF) is an organization that helps support the students and teachers of the Humboldt Unified School District. We support and administer the Hungry Kids Project; the Teacher of the Year Recognition; scholarships and mini-grants to teachers; and other projects benefiting the students and staff of the Humboldt Unified School District in Prescott Valley, Arizona. LEARN MORE

The PUSD Education Foundation

The PUSD Education Foundation is governed by an independent volunteer board of directors comprised of business and community leaders, parents, and alumni. Directors are elected to three-year terms and may be re-elected. The foundation links community and alumni resources – time, money, services, and expertise – with the needs of our school to enhance and complement the educational mission of PUSD. The Foundation builds broad-based support for educational excellence, increases the visibility and value of our schools, and promotes the understanding that everyone in the community is responsible for creating a quality educational system. LEARN MORE

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