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August 18, 2022

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

We believe that communities need to support those in need. Thank you to all who attended our quarterly event on August 18, 2022, hosted at The Finn at Touchmark in Prescott.

The mission of 100 Men Who Care is to support local community in Yavapai County by raising finances for charities. At each quarterly event, three nonprofits present their cause; then attendees vote for the one that most inspires. That nonprofit is awarded up to $10,000 of the funds raised at the event.

This event was unique, as it was a joint event, combining 100 Men Who Care with Prescott Women Who Care. It was a fantastic success, thanks to the generous donations of our guests. In total, $23,000 was raised to contribute directly to the nonprofits.

Nonprofit Presenters

  • Coalition for Compassion and Justice | Main Recipient, Awarded $18,900 "The Coalition for Compassion and Justice (CCJ) is a non profit poverty-relief center serving Yavapai County, Arizona. We utilize donations for our clients in need through a voucher system as well as using proceeds to support our outreach efforts." LEARN MORE.

  • 10/10 Ministries | Awarded $2,100 "Leaders get tired. Unique demands, high expectations, and hurried pace create a drift from what matters most, a healthy soul. Do you need to rediscover truths that have been buried in exhaustion? Do you crave space to address neglected issues that tend to recede in the wake of overload? Whether it is a 10|10 Ministries' signature marriage retreat or a different professional service, we've got you covered." LEARN MORE.

  • Arizona Crisis Team | Awarded $2,100 "Arizona Crisis Team. (ACT) is a nonprofit organization that provides emotional, practical and resource assistance to citizens who have been impacted by any type of crisis - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our volunteer advocates are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They respond on-scene when notified by emergency agencies to traumatic incidents, sexual assault, homicide, robberies, attempted or completed suicide, drowning, domestic violence, house fire, loss of loved ones and serious injury accidents. Volunteers are able to fully focus on the emotional, practical and resource needs of the family and/or individual in crisis while the police and fire personnel attend to law enforcement, medical emergency, and fire suppression needs." LEARN MORE.

Thank you again for supporting our cause. Your generous donations will have a lasting impact on the nonprofits and the people they serve. We could not have done it without your help! For more information about 100 Men Who Care, please visit our website. Together we can make a difference! Let's continue to support Yavapai County communities in need.

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